The Imperial Senate Podcast: Episode 115 – Star Wars Visions Review

THIS WEEK: Charlie, Nicky & Clare break down their thoughts/feelings about Star Wars Visions.

ALSO: we have a deep conversation about storytelling and why fans shouldn’t always clamour for a sequel/continuation.

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The Hidden Imperial Oasis on Tatooine

This was a cute little oasis that operated as an Imperial Base on Tatooine near Mos Espa. The Imperials chose this spot due to its natural water supply which was unusual for Tatooine. Back in the early days of Star Wars Galaxies, this was one of the best places to grind Imperial Faction Points due to the proximity of the missions. It was the Imperial Faction’s version of Anchorhead which did the same for the Rebel Alliance.


Hidden Imperial Oasis Ambience 

Lake Retreat on Naboo’s Ambient Sound

Take a break and look over Amidala’s Lake in the Lake Country of Naboo. This is the lake that former Queen Padme Amidala often visited as a child. It is also where Jedi Anakin Skywalker married Padme Amidala at the end of Attack of the Clones.

Link to the Lake Retreat video: